Actualize Purpose is an evolving study offered by Prethinc. New modules, resources, and concepts are added regularly.

Actualize Purpose

Preincubation Pipeline

Actualize Purpose is a learning ecosystem that creates the conditions for a person to discover herself, connect with her humanity, unlock her potential, and navigate the ambiguous world with ease. Our intention is to create a space for people to learn how to unleash their purpose into the work they bring to the world.


The thought process, beliefs, experiences, and insights that seem to naturally lead to reimagining the fundamental principles that govern the way we participate in the free-market.


A phase-driven sequence of transformations that start with cultivating a sense of self and organically evolves through a scaffolded process that empowers our companies with defensible cultures.


Self-directed learning modules created by Prethinc Practitioners offered in video, audio, written word; in-person workshops and retreats; consulting; and ontological coaching.


Build capacity internally, with your teams, and your community with our growing library of prompts, exercises, tools, and products.


Start the process where you are right now. HeartBeat is designed for anyone to get started, define a baseline, and receive relevant recommendations on potential next steps.

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